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New staff

The practice is pleased to announce that Alysha Kotadia, a Pharmacist, joined the Hove Medical clinical team. Alysha is part of the new NHS funding and will be working arcoss the West Hove Primary Care Network.

The West Hove Primary Care Network is made up of Hove Medical Centre, Links Road Surgery, Benfield Valley Healthcare Hub, Portslade Health Centre, Wish Park Surgery and Mile Oak Medical Centre.


Requesting Medications

If you are requesting any medication for the coditions or treatments in the list below, please seek help from your pharmacist:

Probiotics Infrequent migraines 
Vitamins and minerals Insect bites and stings
Acute sore throat  Mild acne
Infrequent cold sores of the lip Mild dry skin
Conjunctivitis Sunburn
Colds and nasal congestion Sun protection
Cradle cap Mild to moderate hay fever/Seasonal rhinitis
Haemorrhoids Minor burns and scalds
Infant colic Minor conditions associated with pain,
discomfort and fever (e.g. aches and sprains,
headache, period pain, back pain)
Mild cystitis Mouth ulcers
Mild dermatitis Nappy rash
Dandruff Oral thrush
Diarrhoea (adults only) Prevention of dental decay
Dry eyes/sore (tired) eyes Ringworm/althletes foot
Earwax Teething/mild toothache
Excessive sweating (Hyperhidrosis) Threadworms
Head lice Travel sickness
Indigestion and heartburn Warts and verrucae
Infrequent constipation