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Patient feedback


I rang for my test result I was told it was borderline. I arranged a phone consultation the DR told me it was negative and that I shouldn’t ring for test results as the surgery ring you if there is a problem. I questioned this but the doctor was adamant this is correct. Surely this is not correct? He told me to get a blood test and to go straight to mill drive for a test and that I didn’t need an appointment when I got there they turned me away as you do need an appointment. I cannot understand how a doctor can give such incorrect information. It doesn’t give me confidence at all
Posted on: 22/05/2021

** 'Comment withheld as it contained sensitive information about patient'
Posted on: 28/03/2021

feel abandoned since 1st lockdown...No info forthcoming from Hmc
Posted on: 21/01/2021

I really experience problems with repeat prescriptions for my father. Not all elderly people have a mobile phone he lives alone and very often goes without his tablets as there seems to be miscommunication between the Pharmacy and the Surgery. Its often very hard to get past the receptionists for appointments. I do understand that they have very difficult roles as everyone thinks they are a priority however on occasions they have been very frosty. The Doctors have always however treated him with a lot of dignity and respect The systems could be improved and consideration to adapt services for those that sit under the 9 protected characteristics of the Equality Act 2010
Posted on: 13/01/2021

be nice to get an appointment
Posted on: 28/09/2020