Clinics & Services

Children’s Immunisations

These are done by the practice nurses by appointment, according to the current schedule detailed in the Red Book.


Routine Immunisations including HPV

The practice nurse will advise you on routine immunisation and there are also leaflets available at the surgery.



Travel Advice and Vaccinations

Please leave details of travel with reception at least six weeks before you travel and a nurse will assess if any vaccines required and contact you if to come in

Urgent cover can be provided if you have to travel unexpectedly, e.g for a family emergency


Flu Vaccination

This is available each autumn for at risk patients. Please check the practice website and the notice board at the surgery for details of the clinics.


Pneumococcal Vaccination

Certain patients may also benefit from a pneumoccal vaccination but this is usually only required once in a lifetime. Please check with the practice with regard to your eligibility.


Liquid based Cytology (‘cervical smear’)

This test is offered to women between the ages of 25 and 65 and is a simple test to prevent cancer of the cervix by finding early changes in cells of the cervix, which can be easily treated. The test is normally done by the practice nurses and there is an automatic recall system to remind you when your next smear is due. 



Women between the ages of 50 and 70 will be invited by the Primary Care Trust for routine mammography every three years.


Family Planning and Contraception

All the GPs and nurses can provide basic advice on family planning and contraception. Dr Anjum and Mrs Sarah Bellis can provide more specialised advice. The practice provides Nexplanon implants insertion and removal and coil fitting and removal services. Please ask at reception for details.


Pregnancy and Maternity Services

The partners are all on the local obstetric list and provide shared ante-natal services in partnership with the midwives working with the surgery. When you first become pregnant, please see your doctor who will refer you to the midwife for booking, i.e routine antenatal checks and arrangements for hospital delivery or home delivery. Child health surveillance and post natal checks are also available. If you are planning pregnancy, it is a good idea to have a chat with your doctor or health visitor. The advice which can be given will help to give your baby a good start in life.


Minor Operations

A range of minor operations, including joint injections, are performed here at Hove Medical Centre.


Medical Services Not Covered by the NHS

There will be a charge for services which are not covered by the NHS. These include certain medicals and private certificates. Reception can advise you if a charge will be made and there is a poster on display with regard to practice fees.



This Practice maintains a Carers Register of patients who provide, or intend to provide a substantial amount of care for another person. If someone depends on you as a carer or you depend on someone who cares for you, please inform a member of the surgery team.