Healthwatch: Brighton and Hove

Healthwatch Brighton and Hove want to hear about your experiences of having an outpatient's appointment made for you.  We are aware that people sometimes find it difficult to speak to someone to find out information about their referral or appointment.  We also know that people do not always receive clear communications which help them to understand more about the process, or potential waiting times.

Outpatient services are often the first point of contact that most patients have with secondary care. Getting things right at this stage can have significant benefits.  The management and delivery of outpatient services is complex involving a range of staff across many disciplines and departments.  Our local Trust (BSUH) see over 50,000 people across their outpatient departments and receive on average 600-650 new referrals a day. 

Our survey therefore asks you about:

  • how you were referred for an outpatients' appointment;
  • how simple it was to book your outpatients' appointment;
  • what information you received about your outpatient's referral; and
  • for your ideas to improve the current system.

(The survey does not ask you about the care you received). 

We are already working closely with those in charge of these services who are also keen to improve the current system. Your experiences are vital to help us tell them what works well, and where changes are needed.