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Patient Confidentiality/Data Protection

How information about you helps us to provide better care

To ensure we provide you with the best care, confidential information from your medical records can be used by the NHS, along with your postcode and NHS number (but not your name). All this information is sent to a secure system where it can be linked with other health information. The information is used to help NHS services and medical research but won’t identify you.

This is automatic, so if you are happy for your information to be used, then there is no need to do anything. But if you have concerns or wish to prevent this from happening, please speak to a member of the practice staff or visit to opt out.

Please find below files containing Data Protection Policy, Data Security Policy, GDPR Privacy Notice and Hove Medical Centre’s Privacy Notice.

/media/content/files/Hove Medical Centre's Privacy Notice.pdf

/media/content/files/GDPR Privacy Notice.pdf

/media/content/files/Data Security Policy.pdf

/media/content/files/Data Protection Policy.pdf




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