Brighton & Hove Estimated Wait Times for outpatient appointments

These are the most used services and we do not have access to other waiting times. Updated July 2020

Please do not take frustration out on practice staff as we have no influence on this

You may contact the booking hub if your department does not appear on this list or if you have any queries.

Booking Hub: 0300 303 8360 OPTION 2

The booking hub has the ability to upgrade a referral from routine to urgent or downgrade a referral from urgent to routine, as they see fit. All referrals are triaged by a clinician to ensure that you are seen in a timely manner

Department Urgent Routine
Cardiology 6 weeks 16 weeks
Chest  3 weeks 3 weeks
Dermatology 9 weeks 20 weeks
ENT 12 weeks 1 year plus
Hepatology 4 weeks 22 weeks
Gastroenterology 8 weeks  30 weeks
Upper GI  4 weeks  25 weeks
Lower GI 4 weeks  14 weeks
Endoscopy  4 weeks  12 weeks
Gynaecology 8 weeks 12 weeks
Neurology 8 weeks 1 year plus
Neurosurgery 50 weeks 50 weeks
Maxillofacial 4 weeks 20 weeks
Pain Management 15 weeks 30 weeks
Rheumatology 10 weeks 36 weeks
Spinal 48 weeks 48 weeks
Urology 10 weeks  48 weeks
Vascular 12 weeks 18 week